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A partner visa application is often the best solution for applicants who want to be sponsored by their Australian partner. Looking for a partner visa agent in Sydney? We can help help you join your partner temporarily or permanently in Australia depending on the type of relationship:

  • Prospective Marriage: This partner visa type is suitable if you are engaged with the intention of getting married to your partner in Australia. You must be located outside of Australia at the time of lodgement. If approved, the visa will be granted for 9 months and you must marry your partner and apply for the temporary partner visa application before the 9 month’s period ends.
  • Spouse: you must be legally married to your Australian partner and in a genuine relationship. The Australian sponsor must also meet certain requirements and be approved in order for the partner visa application to be granted. This visa type will lead to a permanent residency if you remain with your partner for longer than two years on the temporary visa.
  • De Facto: you must be in a genuine de facto relationship living together for more than 12 months prior to lodging the visa application unless compelling and compassionate circumstances exist. This partner visa type will also lead to a permanent residency if you remain with your Australian partner for longer than two years on the temporary visa.

Partner visa applications in Australia are the most commonly used visa programs attracting a high refusal rate that come with one of the highest government fee charges in the world and with the longest processing timeframes. Therefore, thorough migration assessment, cultural awareness and attention to detail are all critical to achieving a successful visa outcome.

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Understanding how to navigate through the partner visa requirements may somehow seem straightforward but in reality they can be very challenging and time consuming. At IMMIGATE we strive to offer you a complete peace of mind during the visa application process so that you can be confident in the quality of the application and begin planning your future with your partner in Australia. With over 13 years’ industry experience in helping partners reunite from different cultural and national backgrounds, we will work with you to obtain your desired outcomes with an effective and efficient process.

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