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482 & 494 Sponsorship Agreements

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482 & 494 Visa Sponsorship Agreements

The 482 & 494 visa sponsorship agreement application process is not a “one size fits all” procedure for employers. While IMMIGATE cannot make hiring an overseas national as quick and easy as hiring an Australian citizen, we can promise to make employer sponsored visas a simple, straightforward and painless experience.

To qualify for a standard business sponsorship agreement you must be able to meet the following:

  1. Prove that you are an actively operating business in Australia,
  2. Declare that you have a strong record of, or demonstrated commitment to non-discriminatory work practices, and
  3. Have no adverse information regarding your business.

Once you are approved as a sponsor you can nominate an overseas worker to fill the nominated position consistent with the approved list of occupations by the DOHA.

You must also nominate the overseas worker in one of the following three streams and meet the requirements for each stream:

  1. Show evidence that you have tested the market before nominating an overseas worker (for the majority of occupations),
  2. Offer the overseas staff a minimum salary base that is no less favourable to an Australian employee and that is higher than the Temporary Skilled Migrant Income Threshold (TSMIT) that is currently set at $53,900, and
  3. Demonstrate that the nominated position is genuine.

Following the approval of a nomination application the DOHA can assess the overseas worker’s visa application in which he/she must meet certain criteria to be eligible.

For further information on how to follow a three stages process for becoming an approved sponsor, nominate a position, and apply for a 482 & 494 visa sponsorship applications for your nominated overseas employee contact us for a free assessment or call us for any advice regarding employer sponsored visa solutions. 

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