• Mario Recuero / IT Manager
    St.George Bank

    “I was referred to Diana for an immigration matter and I was very impressed with the methodical process she undertook to ensure our documentation was perfect and pass the scrutiny of assessors. Migration situations are very emotional and laborious. It pays to hire a professional like Diana to cross all T's and dot all I's. Highly recommended!”

  • Nicole Lam / General Manager
    Noble Toyota

    "We utilised Immigate's services for a 457 Visa on 3 occasions , it was under extreme circumstances and a very tight time frame and Immigate was able to deliver within the required timeframe. We dealt with a professional individual who delivered the most efficient and expertise services. Professional, Trustworthy  and Highly Ethical".

  • Michael Knott / Hotel Manager
    The Westin Hotel Sydney

    “I find Diana to be very pleasant to work with. She takes pride in what she does and is committed with all her heart to the cause she is taking on. Her dedication, patience and personal connection helped us to get through one of the most challenging times with our immigration issues. I would highly recommend Diana for anyone seeking to apply for a Visa in Australia. Her personality, engagement and skills are fabulous and I have rarely met someone with such a great connection to their clients.”

  • Lance Betty / Ex-General Manager
    Cruise 1st Australia


    “I have used Diana a number of times to facilitate appropriate immigration visas for our staff. What sets Diana apart is clear communication, a pragmatic approach, and excellent service. She is always assessable and I have found her advice faultless”.

  • Jim Elgabili / Business Development Manager
    One Point

    “We regularly engage Diana to facilitate sponsorship working visas for a number of our overseas staff. What sets Diana apart is her dedication in providing 110% customer service, initiative thinking, and her unique personality. She never fails to exceed our expectations and we are very fortunate to have her assist One Point with all our immigration matters. I would not hesitate in recommending Diana’s services.”

  • Marie Gallien / Ex-Restaurant Manager
    Manta Restaurant

    “Diana has been my immigration mentor for the last three years. She became the best referral I could recommend to friends and companies looking for immigration solutions. She is very professional, friendly, realistic and honest about each situation. Diana has been the best thing in a lot of people's lives around me including a number of our staff members.”