Labour Hire Agreements

Assured Labour Hire Agreement

Due to the escalation in skilled labour shortages in Australia, there is a growing need for Australian, ‘on-hire’ recruitment specialists to source suitable overseas workers for Australian companies.

To manage this increasing demand, the DOHA has made it a requirement for on-hire companies recruiting overseas workers, to enter into a formal Labour Hire Agreement, which imposes stringent pre-conditions and reporting disciplines on applicants.

A Labour Hire Agreement can also be a source of additional income for any on-hire recruiting or payroll management company, but the complexities of applying for and complying with one, are challenging indeed! Caution and experience are hallmarks of successful applications in what can be a minefield for the uninitiated.

IMMIGATE has extensive experience in this demanding area. Our team recently carried out, successfully managed and administered a profitable and successful Labour Hire Agreement for a global recruitment agency that took considerable diligence and understanding to execute.

As part of this service, our team will work closely with clients to:

  • Conduct a business assessment to check eligibility and suitability for a Labour Hire Agreement,
  • Recommend and assist in implementing the required steps to meet the criteria, including, internal staff training strategies; consultation with stakeholders and unions and related business terms and conditions,
  • Assist in collating the required reports and all associated documents and information,
  • Administer and coordinate the lodgement of visa applications with the DOHA while the application is being processed and manage post approval paperwork, and
  • Continue to manage all compliance obligations and monitoring reports with the DOHA post-approval including renewals.

For further information on our Labour Hire Agreement Services and how we can be of assistance, please contact us for a confidential and obligation-free discussion.